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TOP skin gambling sites:

service name Features / Details Rate More
1 hellcase

Lots of mini-games

2 csgoroll logo

Quick withdrawal of money

3 wtfskins logo

Well-made skin gambling site

4 site-logo

More than 13 types of games

5 site-logo

Free rewards for newbies

6 site-logo

Many cheap cases


Intro to CS:GO Crash Gambling

There are sites that offer gambling specifically for Counter-Strike players who want to bet their customization items and try to win some much more valuable items. You can even withdraw some money or crypto cash as a result. Now, there are specific games played at such platforms, and one of them is Crash. And what is this CS GO crash gambling?

It goes like this. You place a bet, simply how much you feel appropriate. The round begins, and the line on a graphic chart starts climbing upwards. It represents a multiplier, a number that grows as well. At any point, abruptly, the line crashes, hence, the title. If you managed to cash out before the crash, your bet is multiplied by the number that was displayed at the moment you claimed your winnings. If you weren’t fast enough, you lose your bet.

Well, there are ways to improve your chances, and the first of them is by choosing a safe place. Lucky for you, we took care of that already, you can just go and try these platforms we reviewed. Make sure to stick around till the end for some tips and strategies, though.

Top CS GO Crash Gambling Sites

WTFSkins Review

Despite only having several games on the site, it’s your golden standard with Crash, Roulette, and Jackpot. There are also cases to be opened and giveaways to be enjoyed. So, WTFSkins has an active visitors base, and you can chat with other bettors while waiting for your lucky streak. It’s a simple game of Crash with some autobetting options available, and we’ll discuss later how you can adjust those according to various strategies.

The site is secure with SSL-encryption, and it operates on provably fair principles. Your CS:GO winnings can only be withdrawn as skins, yet there is a huge selection in the withdrawal shop.

CSGORoll Review

This CS GO crash gambling site has a simplistic design that won’t let you get lost in it. Crash is not represented by a line here, it is displayed simply as a number on a badge with Counter-Strike items in the center. Anyway, it looks neat and has some simple animations.

The site is one of the longest-running of such kind as it was established back in 2016. It also allows withdrawals only in CSGO keys and skins. The depositing options are, however, a bit more numerous with credit and debit cards, some online payment systems, and even several major cryptocurrencies like BTC, LTC, and ETH.

CSGOFast Review

This site is even older, running since 2015. It may not mean it’s more reliable, but it is reliable, safe, and well-recognized. CSGOFast matches its name because due to the greatly organized interface, you will not need any time to understand where everything is located here.

The Crash game has a distinct look here when you switch from the classic line to a gloved hand holding a Counter-Strike bomb. The current multiplier is displayed on its dial, and when it crashes, the whole image turns red.

The site offers a vast variety of payment methods, including some of the most extensive support of crypto coins, although only Bitcoin can be used for withdrawals. Skins, Visa, Mastercard, and Internet wallets can also be used for that purpose.

Gamdom Review

This site does look a bit messy, at least until you hide the chat panel on the left side and direct all your attention to CS GO gambling crash chart. No original ideas here, although the panel for autobets is helpful and has good adjustment opportunities.

Gamdom is another reputable site, operating since 2016, and it offers some of the richest withdrawal options in crypto coins besides skins and keys. Deposit methods are, as usual, three times more numerous, so it should not be a problem.

Strategies You Can Use in Crash

Now, just by looking at the game, you can understand how unpredictable it is. It can crash one second after beginning, at 1x, or it can reach thousands. You can imagine the adrenaline rush and how scary it is to lose at that point. Nevertheless, some people apply certain strategies that can prove to be effective. Provided, you also have some luck with you.


Similarly to its application in other betting games, whenever you lose, you should double your bet so that the win covers the losses. And when you win, place a regular bet. Oh, and pray that you don’t experience too many losses in a row, leaving you with insufficient funds to make another double increase.

Reverse Martingale

Yeah, it’s the same approach, only you should double your bet after each successful round and place a normal amount after a failure. If you’re lucky and have a few wins in a row, you may want to decide it’s enough for the day and leave with good profits. If not, you’ll be back at your previous bet.

Low-auto Cashout

Use autobetting to set your cashout at a low level. That way, you should win more often than you lose, although it won’t be too impressive.

High Cashout Strategy

Another approach is to set a high level of quitting so that when you win, and it’s, for example, 7x, you will have covered a long row of losses. It sure is risky, but you may find it working for you. Remember, there’s no best crash strategy CSGO gambling fans won’t argue about.

Variations of Crash

What we’ve described at the beginning is the original crash, and some sites try to alter it and attract more bettors. One of such variations is X-roulette, for example. Yes, as the name suggests, it’s more of roulette, and you will see a wheel with multipliers instead of traditional red, black, and green sectors. As the game progresses, the multipliers grow, hence the crash element. Your goal is to guess the number closest to the final one. If it crashes above or exactly on the figure you bet on, you win.

Helpful Tips to Keep in Mind

In addition to the strategies, we would like to offer some basic tips even some experienced bettors seem to ignore. For example, do use a strategy rather than blindly raising the stakes, racing after your losses. Practice shows, it rarely ends well.

For that matter, limit your daily bets. It’s better to come back tomorrow and try to wager a small sum again than lose everything in one sitting.

Also, whenever you want to try a new site, look for CS GO crash gambling codes first. Why deprive yourself of free money? And if you lose them, no big deal.

Finally, only use sites with a good reputation. To help you with that, we are conducting our reviews, and here are the principles we use to discover decent platforms.

How We Choose Our Top Gambling Sites

We make thorough investigations before adding a site to our own list because we definitely do not want to be smeared by a rotten betting operator.

So, we start by checking the site’s license or ability to prove the fairness of operation. We also examine its history and earlier reviews, as well as feedback on various forums.

Bonus offers for newcomers and regular promos are a great plus, we prefer such sites over less attractive ones. We use this free betting currency ourselves because it may reveal early enough that the site isn’t worth spending real money or skins on.

Finally, any decent CS GO gambling crash should have customer support that can be reached and is resourceful.

Those are the key factors, although, of course, a lot more goes into our full reviews.


What is CS GO skin gambling?

It’s just like regular gambling, only you deposit skins and are awarded tickets or credits you can then use for betting.

How much do CS GO skin gambling sites pay YouTubers?

This is not something people reveal, and the offers differ greatly. However, you can check an affiliate program on a specific site and estimate how much YouTubers get from those links.

How do tickets work in CS GO gambling?

Tickets are what you get in exchange for your skins. The number of tickets depends on the value of the skins you deposit.

Is CSGO gambling illegal?

It’s perfectly legal, provided the site holds an appropriate license, and you live in a territory where online gambling is allowed in general.

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