Top CSGO Jackpot Sites

Find The Reviews Of Top Custom skin gambling Services in 2021

TOP skin gambling sites:

service name Features / Details Rate More
1 hellcase

Lots of mini-games

2 csgoroll logo

Quick withdrawal of money

3 wtfskins logo

Well-made skin gambling site

4 site-logo

More than 13 types of games

5 site-logo

Free rewards for newbies

6 site-logo

Many cheap cases


Intro to CSGO Jackpot Gambling

With CS:GO, you can start gambling without spending any money as long as you have some skins in your Steam account. They are easy to obtain, well, mostly the ones that aren’t highly valued on the market. And once you have those, they can be used as currency and wagered at specialized sites.

Actually, that kind of gambling opens access to a great variety of games that promise winning more skins and even turning them into real money. On this page, we will tell you about jackpot gambling, one of the popular forms centered around these in-game items. And to make sure you can properly use our CS GO jackpot tips, we have prepared detailed reviews and brief overviews of the most suitable places for that.

Our Top-Picked Sites

Hellcase Review

This site is mostly focused on opening cases you can purchase in hopes of getting great skins. There are also regular giveaways for premium users, that is, subscribers who make a monthly payment. Another route is user giveaways, where you can join someone else’s jackpot or create your own. Please read our review to find out more about a bunch of other gambling modes and various bonuses Hellcase has to offer.

CSGOFast Review

This reliable CS GO jackpot website has earned its popularity by having over a dozen skin gambling modes neatly organized into PvP, PvE, and Solo PvE groups. Bettors will find there a pleasant and intuitive interface, a variety of withdrawal methods if you want to trade your newly won skins for money using BTC, Visa, Skrill, Neteller, Mastercard, Webmoney, and others. Besides a Classic jackpot game, there’s a fast one for only three players.

WTFSkins Review

The site has been a harbor for bettors since 2017, and it has an active community, proving its reliability. There are several games, including a very simple-to-play Jackpot. The stats show that the site has almost a million monthly visitors, and so there is no lack of those willing to stake their skins any time you visit. The site utilizes an SSL-encryption and runs provably fair CS GO skins jackpot games.

CSGORoll Review

The site was first opened in 2016 and was later reopened with updated design and animations after Steam placed a 7-day hold on skin trading. There’s a weekly $10,000 giveaway. Jackpot tickets are granted for collecting and spending Rubies on the site, as well as opening cases, some of which are free. There are also PvP jackpot-like games, in which you stake your skins against an opponent either in Coin Flip or Dice Duel. CSGORoll only allows withdrawing winnings in skins.

What Is CS GO Jackpot and Why Is It So Popular?

Basically, all participants put their skins in the pot, receiving a number of tickets corresponding to the value of their skins. Then a game of chance happens, and the winner who will take the whole prize pool is selected randomly.

It’s simple, quick, and promises large winnings. Just like in a lottery, the more tickets you have, the more chances of there being a lucky ticket among them. Still, that’s not a guarantee, although in some games betting valuable skins can tip scales in your favor with high certainty. There are CSGO jackpot sites for poor you may want to start at if you don’t have such resources, which is nothing to be ashamed of.

Cheap CSGO Jackpot Sites

Since the prizes are not that impressive on those small jackpot sites, serious gamblers won’t bother playing there. You, however, can use them to increase your skins collection for further use elsewhere. However, there are many scam sites among those that will take everything you have without giving you a chance to win.

The sites we have suggested for you are safe and time-proven. Besides, if you use a promo code when registering, you can get a small amount to start betting with. If used wisely and with some luck, it can help you rake in jackpot CS GO winnings one day.

Tips and Strategy

There are various strategies you can utilize, especially effective with few players contributing to the pot. You can learn more about bating and sniping later. At the start, it’s enough to remember to use bonuses and promo codes whenever possible. Don’t bet too much until you can allow yourself to risk more. And most of all, avoid suspicious CS GO low jackpot sites that only have bad or no reviews at all.

What Can You Expect from Jackpot Gambling?

It’s a great introduction to skins gambling that can also be a great opportunity to increase your stocks. Since it’s winner-takes-all, you also risk losing often. Consider playing PvP forms of jackpot where you can have better control over the situation. But don’t get drawn into it as you may be playing against a more experienced and cunning opponent.

How We Choose the Best CSGO Jackpot Sites

Finding safe places and making suggestions is a responsible task. There are a lot of factors we take into consideration when reviewing a site, some of them are:

  • legitimate nature of a site;
  • positive online feedback;
  • transparency and use of provably fair principles;
  • low house edge;
  • bonuses, promo codes, free coins, etc.;
  • skins withdrawal speed;
  • competent customer support.


What is CS GO skin jackpot game?

It’s a usual game of jackpot, only virtual skins are used instead of money to purchase tickets.

How do you calculate percentage on CSGO jackpot?

You can evaluate the share of the total number of tickets in your possession.

How to make items show in CS GO jackpot inventories?

Most sites allow or even require signing in via your Steam account. Once that is done, you can transfer skins by simply clicking “Withdraw.”

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