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service name Features / Details Rate More
1 hellcase

Lots of mini-games

2 csgoroll logo

Quick withdrawal of money

3 wtfskins logo

Well-made skin gambling site

4 site-logo

More than 13 types of games

5 site-logo

Free rewards for newbies

6 site-logo

Many cheap cases


Intro to CS GO Roulette Betting

If you have cosmetic items for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in your Steam account used to play, you may be looking for ways to use them. Or you may want to add some more valuable items to your collection. Either way, gambling with skins can be much more fun and profitable alternative to simply trading those.

Using skins as currency to place wagers is still high in demand, and there are enough reliable websites to satisfy it. Roulette is one of the most prominent games, and it’s also loved by many because that’s one of the first associations that come to mind when one thinks about gambling.

In the virtual world, the design can change, and new features can be added, but the essence remains the same. There’s a wheel with red and black sections that double your bet if you score and one green section with a 14x multiplier.

We shall provide a brief overview of our hand-picked CS GO roulette websites for this all-time classic. You can then go on and read a particular review on our site.

The Top CSGO Betting Platforms with Roulette

WTFSkins Review

The site offers a classic enough game of roulette with one alteration, common for such sites. A small percentage of the wagered Rubies, the currency used here, is added to the bonus pot, which rolls every three minutes. If it hits, the larger part of it is redistributed between the winners, with a smaller part being shared between those who lost the round.

The platform uses provably fair systems and has been consistently growing since 2017, its monthly visitors number is nearing a million. There are many ways to deposit your accounts, either with skins, money, or cryptocurrency. However, you can only withdraw your winnings as skins.

CSGORoll Review

Here is yet again another CS GO roulette, and the site allows switching between the wheel and classic mode, the latter shows the colors rolling in a line. There’s also an accumulated bonus pot consisting of approximately 0.7% of all the wagers. It is then redistributed between all the round participants in accordance with their last bet sizes. This happens when there are three greens in a row, which means it can sometimes take some time and reach some nice sums.

CSGORoll is similar to our previous choice because it only allows withdrawing skins, while accepting a large number of depositing ways. There are promo codes, daily free cases, and weekly giveaways.

CSGOFast Review

Roulette is called Double here, but it’s still the same recognizable wheel with red, black, and one green zero section. The site runs a provably fair game, and the round hash is displayed for anyone to verify it.

Being open in 2015 makes it one of the oldest CS GO roulette sites in addition to having one of the best selections of games, of which there are over a dozen. The number of payment systems used for deposits is really impressive. You will find here skins, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Dash, Zcash, Visa and Mastercard, PaySafeCard, bank transfer, Skrill, Payeer, Payop, and others. The withdrawal methods are not as numerous, but they are not limited by skins, which is already a great plus.

Gamdom Review

This is another relatively old site, operating since 2016. There are no significant features in terms of roulette, and Gamdom has several other games. It’s also notable for having slots & casino section, as well as esports and regular sports betting. The site offers an array of cryptocurrencies that can be used to deposit an account, along with fiat currencies. A part of those cryptocoins are also available for withdrawing.

An active gambling license, provably fair gaming, and a solid SSL-encryption make it one of the safest places to indulge in these fun activities. With CS GO roulette free coins awarded to new users and enough luck, you can start playing with no money at all.

Finally, Gamdom has extensive autobetting features. You can even adjust them to follow some common strategies without fearing you will lose all your money that way.

Roulette Strategies

There are no certain strategies that will let you win all the time without a care in the world. Nevertheless, there are some time-tested ways to minimize your overall losses and make sure you at least make it all back at the end of the day.


The point is in placing a small wager on either red or black to get it doubled. In case of a loss, twice as much is placed on the same color until success. Mathematically, you will win all your previous losses back. The key is starting at a really low amount so that you have enough to double rather than leaving all your money, or CS GO roulette skins when there’s nothing more to bet.

D’Alembert Roulette Strategy

This strategy uses a similar principle, demanding a player to increase a bet after he loses. Only instead of doubling it, he would go with a smaller step. And in the case of a winning bet, that same number should be extracted from the next bet. When the number of hits and misses becomes equal, the player should have more money (or skins, or coins) than he started with.

Reverse Martingale

So, whenever you win, you double the bet. If you lose, go back one step and place your previous bet. The logic and final outcome are clear enough.

Whether you choose either of these, find another strategy, or develop your own, it’s best to always start with small bets. And look for sites with CS GO roulette sites free coins, those are good for practice and can be made into a substantial sum.

Roulette Variations

The original game we have described above is also called the classic slider. To make things more exciting for bettors, some sites offer alternative games of roulette.

50x Wheel

It’s a similar concept, only while the classic slider has 15 sections of three colors, this wheel is divided into 50 sections. And there are more colors, four to be exact, multiplying your bet by either 2, 3, 5, or 50.


This is a mix of the classic roulette with Crash. There’s a wheel with different multipliers going up instead of simple colors. So, when you place a bet, you have to guess the multiplier. If what is then revealed higher than the number you were betting on, you win. If it’s lower, the bet is lost.

Tips for Roulette Bettors

When it comes to CS GO roulette, the usual betting tips apply. Bet responsibly, and having a strategy really helps to calculate when you should stop, and maybe employ a different approach next time.

Promo codes and welcome bonuses can come in handy, especially if you don’t have a lot to bet or would like to practice without risking your own skins just yet.

Finally, be careful where you play it. While we have checked the few mentioned sites ourselves, we cannot be sure about any other platforms. So, the responsibility of checking their online reputation and credibility is on you.

How We Choose the Best CS GO Roulette Sites

Our goal is to gather the most trustworthy sites that are also worth any attention. Therefore, we have a thorough approach to reviewing these platforms before we add them to our site.

First of all, we check whether they have an appropriate license or rely on provably fair games that can be tested for being free of any foul play.

Next, we examine the company’s history and any scandals related to it. We also read customer reviews and communicate with regular visitors.

Finally, we bet on those sites to check whether everything works as it should be and to see how easy it is to withdraw skins or money. Evaluating customer support is also important.

And it all repeats whenever there are new CS GO roulette sites especially since they may not have enough feedback yet and demand closer examination.


How to win at roulette CS GO gambling?

Various strategies can maximize your chances, but there’s no one definite answer as it’s all a gamble.

How to set up CS GO roulette betting?

You just select a site that suits you most and start playing.

What is CS GO skin roulette game?

It’s the same as classic slier roulette, only you can use skins as currency at a specialized CS GO roulette site.

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